Stanion Village Community Update

The Parish Council had intended to provide a children’s summer sports programme this year, along the lines of the event held in summer 2019, which was so successful. Regrettably, but also understandably, the Lottery Fund has refused our submission for a grant this year, as all COVID-19 projects are a priority for the next six months. We will revisit this next year.

Working with the Village Hall Committee, we have been successful in securing a grant of circa £10k to enable the repainting of the village hall and we are hoping to carry out further work as the year progresses. The Village Hall Committee have been working very hard and have secured funding to assist with maintaining the viability of the hall, by covering its running costs whilst it is closed because of the current restrictions.

For those unaware of the history, the hall was built with the help of Corby Borough Council, who provided the land and additional funding, with our community making a considerable financial contribution over a number of years to provide the remainder of the funding for the project.

It would be a travesty if the physical and financial effort and commitment of those who preceded us were to be undone by apathy and the village hall was to close.

So if you are community-minded and you are willing to help in any small way, please contact Len Farrow by email: