All policies and other documents are currently being reviewed and amended.

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Stanion Parish Council Internal Control System 2024 Download Stanion PC Internal Control System 2024
Stanion Parish Council Effectiveness of Internal Audit 2024 Download Stanion PC Effectiveness of Internal Audit 2024
Stanion Parish Council Standing Orders 2024 Download Stanion PC Standing Orders 2024
Stanion Parish Council Financial Regulations 2024 Download Stanion PC Financial Regulations 2024
Stanion Parish Council Complaints Procedure 2023 Download Stanion PC Complaints Procedure 2023
Stanion Parish Council Risk Assessment 2023 Download Stanion PC Risk Assessment 2023
DPA March 2023 Download
Staff Committee Terms of Reference 2021 Download
Risk Register Sep 2020 Download
Tree Policy Download
Workplace Pension Policy 2019 Download
Fixed Asset Register 2020 Download
Information Technology, E Mail and Social Media Policy Download
Expenses Policy Download
Communications, Engagement and Consultation Policy Download
Absence Policy Download
Asset Management Policy Download
Volunteer Policy Download
Discipline and Grievance Policy Download
Capability Policy Download
Training Statement of Intent and Plan Download
Co-option Policy (Amended 13 May 2019) Download
Mission Statement and Forward Plan Download
Data Protection Policy Download
Privacy Notice Download
Records Retention Policy Download
Subject Access Request Procedure Download
Equal Opportunities Policy Download
Section 137 Grants Policy Download
Health and Safety Policy Download
Press and Media Policy Download
Recording of Meetings Policy Download
Data Breach Policy Download

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

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Stanion PC New Model Publication Scheme 2024 Download Stanion PC New Model Publication Scheme 2024
Freedom of Information 2000 Publication Scheme – Amended April 2024 and replaced with Stanion PC New Model Publication Scheme 2024 Download Stanion PC Publication Scheme

Code of Conduct

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Stanion PC Child Safeguarding Download
CODE OF CONDUCT 2021 Download

Checklists & Forms

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Asset Register Download
SPC GDPR Security Compliance Checklist Download