Chair Resignation

To the clerk

On the 13th October 2022 I verbally gave my resignation as Chairman to the Council.   I would like to still reside on the Council as a councillor but due to going back to work full time in May as well as having a young family to take care of I have not been able to dedicate my time as I could do before.  I have tried my hardest to do it all but unfortunately it has proved impossible.  I believe the Council deserves someone who can give 100% as I once was able to do.  I have enjoyed my time as Chairman and wish whoever takes over the role my best and will try and give as much support as I can.

Kindest regards

Liz Gilmour

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Audit, Public Inspection, Thursday 13th October 2022 – Wednesday 23rd November 2022

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Internal Auditor : Kate Houlihan

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May 2021

  • May Council Meeting  in a downpour was a sight to see in the Car Park but was productive
  • We have a contact in regards to Planning now with North Northants Councillors
  • Slowing traffic throughout the village is on going but has been productive awaiting grant options
  • Quotes in regards to CCTV at the Village Hall
  • Research into extending the Play Area at the back of the Village Hall
  • Meetings to be arranged in pulling the School, Church, Council and Village Hall together.


Fircroft Nurseries Planning Application 20/00260/DPA -URGENT

Planning Application 20/00260/DPA – to build at:

Fircroft Nurseries Stamford Road, Stanion, Kettering Northamptonshire NN14 1DU


For:      The erection of a self-storage building (Class B8) (4,466 sqm GIA) with independent Office use (Class B1) of 200 sqm) within the self-storage unit, 9 Units in flexible use Class B1 (b, c) B2 and/or B8 uses with ancillary Trade/Retail Counter amounting to 879 sqm GIA, Class A1/A3/A5 Coffee Drive Thru (168 sqm) with new access, associated car parking and landscaping.

This is in addition to applications:

  1. Midlands Logistic Park (MLP) 5 million sq ft approved and currently reaching completion and,
  1. Cowthick Plantation Logistics Park (CLP) a site of 162.53 hectares, which is an Outline Planning Application for a logistics park, which is bigger than the MLP project

The Parish Council has objected on every possible occasion to the Cowthick Logistics Park development proposal, which will have a devastating impact on Stanion and all villages along the A6116 and A43, and despite this application not conforming with the North Northants Joint Core Strategy Plan 2011-2031, for development in the county, Corby Borough Council Development Control Committee are seeking to approve the plan, and to delegate responsibility for all the Planning Conditions to the Corby Borough Council Planning Department. This will mean that detailed scrutiny of the conditions will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the general public to challenge.