Future Agenda’s

Future Agenda’s

The New Team of the Stanion Parish Council would like anyone that wishes to have an issue added to any agenda’s to do any of the following:

Fix My Street hyperlink

Hello to you all,

In regards to:

  • Street lighting,
  • Trees
  • Bins
  • Paths,
  • Flytipping
  • Drains
  • Dog fouling

Please log this with the FIX MY STREET hyperlink on this website Homepage/or online elsewhere, as this will provide you a date of reporting an issue, if this is then not solved or corrected then let us know along with some history of said issue( that being dates and comments when logged on FIX MY STREET Website) if for villagers that don’t have internet access let the SPC know.

Stanion C of E Primary School Christmas Lights Competition

As there are a large number of children that attends the local Primary School from our very own village, a second competition was organised, the trophy was donated by Cllr.John and Mrs Linda Gilmour and the prize of £50 to the winner and £50 to the school was donated by D.K.Concrete Ltd.

It took place on Thursday 17th December 2020 1st prize was won by the Family of Joanna and Carter Taylor which they  then donated towards more donations received by the villagers for the elderly in the village and they received a Plant and Nibbles.

A chat at the door ( following government guidelines) brought a tear to the givers as well as those receiving such a lovely gesture that they hadn’t been forgotten in this unprecedented year we have all coped with.

It was truly lovely to see the smiles and surprised expressions on the faces of the people we owe  so much to.

Vic Bright Memorial Christmas Lights Competition 2020

This year the Vic Bright Memorial Christmas Lights Competition was judged by a number of children of the 20th Corby Scout Group.
Judging took place on Friday 18th December 2020. All the children had a great time. We would also like to say thank you to the Scout Leaders, who give up so much of their free time and have done so for many years, in order to ensure that this very worthwhile activity is available for our children.

Fircroft Nurseries Planning Application 20/00260/DPA -URGENT

Planning Application 20/00260/DPA – to build at:

Fircroft Nurseries Stamford Road, Stanion, Kettering Northamptonshire NN14 1DU

This was passed at the meeting that was with the council chaired by Cllr. Julie Rielly dated Tuesday 19th January 2021

For:      The erection of a self-storage building (Class B8) (4,466 sqm GIA) with independent Office use (Class B1) of 200 sqm) within the self-storage unit, 9 Units in flexible use Class B1 (b, c) B2 and/or B8 uses with ancillary Trade/Retail Counter amounting to 879 sqm GIA, Class A1/A3/A5 Coffee Drive Thru (168 sqm) with new access, associated car parking and landscaping.

This is in addition to applications:

  1. Midlands Logistic Park (MLP) 5 million sq ft approved and currently reaching completion and,
  1. Cowthick Plantation Logistics Park (CLP) a site of 162.53 hectares, which is an Outline Planning Application for a logistics park, which is bigger than the MLP project

The Parish Council has objected on every possible occasion to the Cowthick Logistics Park development proposal, which will have a devastating impact on Stanion and all villages along the A6116 and A43, and despite this application not conforming with the North Northants Joint Core Strategy Plan 2011-2031, for development in the county, Corby Borough Council Development Control Committee are seeking to approve the plan, and to delegate responsibility for all the Planning Conditions to the Corby Borough Council Planning Department. This will mean that detailed scrutiny of the conditions will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the general public to challenge.

 The Parish Council will be objecting to the Fircroft Nurseries development, which will sit some 275 metres from the roundabout of the A43/A6116, and will further adversely impact the village if approved. So, if you value the quality of life that we currently enjoy and do not want to have this degraded or diminished, now or in the future, Write and Object to this latest imposition on the village. Objections must be submitted by 18th September 2020 at the latest, in writing to CBC Planning Department for attention: Mrs Farjana Mazumder or via the CBC Planning Portal. 

You will see from the various class uses described below that this site may contain virtually anything – and on your doorstep…

Building Use Classes:

A1 – Shops, sandwich bars, dry cleaners, various retail outlets etc.

A3 – Restaurants/cafes etc. – consumption on premises

A5 – Hot food takeaways – consumption off premises

B1B1a – offices, other than financial/professional services etc. – B1b – R&D of products or processes –B1c – Industrial processes

B2 – General industrial

B8 – Storage or distribution

 Please note: The use classes have changed from 1 September 2020 but as the application was submitted prior to that date these classes will be used in determining the application.

Lobby your Ward Councillors for Stanion & Corby Village: Julie Riley (Julie also chairs the Development Control Committee) & William Colquhoun


Planning and General Administrative Update 25 August 2020

Planning News

Planning Application 18/00621/DPA – to build 5 Houses on Land to the East of Little Lane

We are pleased to announce that the Appeal lodged by the Developer to overturn the refusal by the Local Planning Authority (LPA)  to grant planning permission for the application to build 5 houses in the paddock at the northeastern end of Little Lane; an important part of the conservation area, has been refused. The full written decision may be viewed in the Planning Area of this website.

Cowthick Plantation Logistics Park – Planning Application 18/00817/OUT

Throughout the year we have been engaged with other local parish councils in a concerted effort to have this application refused. Corby Council’s Development Control Committee (DCC) were initially scheduled to meet to discuss the application on 23 March 2020, at the Council Chamber, Corby Cube; with a great deal of lobbying we were able to have the meeting deferred until 23 June 2020, by which time virtual meetings were in place and we were able to represent the views of the Village. Due to the number of objections raised, some of which were submitted late in the day, the meeting was opened and adjourned until the 29 June 2020. The meeting finally took place at 7 pm on 29 June and we made our representation on behalf of the Village, strongly opposing the application.

The DCC then made its decision: approving the application, as recommended by Corby Planning Officers.

However, this is not the end of the matter. Subsequent to the meeting a number of representations were made in respect of the conduct of the meeting, and some regarding procedural errors. Post the meeting, Corby Borough Council issued a further Public Notice in respect of the application, inviting further comment, we therefore submitted a further letter of objection raising a number of issues and concerns.

In addition to submitting a further objection to Corby Borough Council, we have written to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, requesting that he call-in the application for his consideration. If his Office deems this appropriate then the matter would receive a high level of detailed scrutiny. A number of other villages and parishes along the A6116 and the A43 have also submitted requests to the Secretary of State for him to call-in the application, we hope this combined effort will prove successful.

All of the Stanion Parish Council letters submitted to Corby Borough Council and to the Secretary of State may be viewed in the planning area of this website. Those for Corby may also be viewed at the Corby on-line planning portal, under: Planning Application 18/00817/OUT.


We wish to thank publicly, the small but intrepid group of volunteers who, of their own volition, continually collect and remove the litter from the verges, roads and other areas around the village. Some of these residents combine their litter picking with the routine of their daily exercise. One lady in particular manages to do so despite having to use a walking aid. We are very grateful and appreciative of their continued selfless dedication.

You may see the bags containing this litter placed adjacent to some of the waste bins around the village, this is perfectly OK and is part of an arrangement with CBC to collect the litter.  Anyone who wishes to join the litter pickers is welcome to do so, the parish council can provide you with the equipment for you to participate.

Dog Fouling

Dog fouling is a perennial problem that affects most villages in the county.  We have many reports of dog faeces around the area of the football pitch adjacent to the village hall, and on the footpath at the entrance to Church Piece, on the short grass, in clear view, and less than 2 metres from the recently installed additional dog waste bin. This is particularly disappointing as we have provided these extra bins to make it easy and convenient for dog owners to dispose of dog faeces safely, for the benefit of everyone.

The refusal of some owners to clean up after their dog and to make full use of the waste bins provided, indicates that the behaviour is determined by the attitude of the owner and not by any prevailing environmental or other conditions.

So, we ask once again that all dog owners act responsibly, consider other residents, and especially children, and clean up after their dog wherever that might be in the village, and dispose of the dog faeces in the bins provided for that purpose.


The Parish Council Spring/Summer Newsletter 2020

The updated Spring/Summer Newsletter has now been published on this website under ‘Newsletter’ and it will be delivered to all homes in the village in the week commencing 29 June 2020.

Stanion Village Community Update

The Parish Council had intended to provide a children’s summer sports programme this year, along the lines of the event held in summer 2019, which was so successful. Regrettably, but also understandably, the Lottery Fund has refused our submission for a grant this year, as all COVID-19 projects are a priority for the next six months. We will possibly revisit this at a later date

The Village Hall Committee  have secured funding to assist with maintaining the viability of the hall, by covering its running costs whilst it is closed because of the current restrictions.

For those unaware of the history, the hall was built with the help of Corby Borough Council, who provided the land and additional funding, with our community making a considerable financial contribution over a number of years to provide the remainder of the funding for the project.


Important Notification – Planning Application Cowthick Plantation Update 31 March 2020

Mulberry Developments Ltd/Greatline Developments Ltd, have applied to Corby Borough Council for outline planning permission to build another Logistic Park, comprising office and commercial facilities with associated infrastructure on Land at Cowthick Plantation, Stamford Road, Corby.

These proposals are currently under consideration by Corby Borough Council under planning application reference 18/00817/OUT, the application has seen various amendments and updates to the original form of the application, first submitted in December 2018.

We are pleased to announce that, as a result of lobbying by us with regard to the date of the hearing for the Cowthick Plantation application, the Corby Council Development Control Committee *Special* Meeting scheduled for 23 March 2020 to hear and determine this application has now been deferred and the meeting will be rescheduled once the current government restrictions in respect of public association and meetings are revised and published. 

The Parish Council’s written responses to the application are on this website under Planning.


North Northamptonshire Unitary Authority

The following link: futurenorthantsnorth.org will take you to a website designed to keep us all informed about the ongoing local government changes and the move to unitary authorities in the county. The new North Northamptonshire unitary authority will cover the areas of Corby Borough Council, East Northamptonshire Council, Kettering Borough Council and Borough of Wellingborough Council.