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Policing and Crime – Criminal Damage and Arson

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Latest News on crime !!!!

Late night drinking and gathering at the football field and the trashing of the field is under police surveillance, (police stated no gatherings on the field this weekend    12.03.2021)

Dumped fuel cans have been notified to authorities and council will remove shortly


Despite having a very low crime rate for a very long time,  the Village has experienced some  criminal behaviour, all of which has been reported to the Police.

Historic incidents were:

1.  Criminal Damage – A number of windows in the Village Hall were  badly damaged.

2. Arson – The clothes recycling bin at the Village Hall car park was set alight but has been replaced

3. Arson – The wooden waste bin at the Pocket Park was set alight and destroyed.

   CCTV proposals will  be reviewed for the Village Hall by the SPC

Please report all suspicious activity to the Police on 101 or via the Crime Stoppers Website.