Policing and Crime – Criminal Damage and Arson

Despite having a very low crime rate for a very long time, recently the Village has experienced some very disturbing criminal behaviour, all of which has been reported to the Police, who are investigating with a view to gathering evidence that will lead to a prosecution.

The incidents were:

1.  Criminal Damage – A number of windows in the Village Hall were very badly damaged.

2. Arson – The clothes recycling bin at the Village Hall car park was set alight and required extensive refurbishment.

3. Arson – The wooden waste bin at the Pocket Park was set alight and destroyed.

What is most disturbing about the incidents is that the culprit/culprits may very well live here among us! This mindless, wanton damage, is inexcusable and there may of course be more incidents, unless the culprit/culprits are prevented from doing so by being caught and prosecuted.

There is also the cost, which will be borne by us all through the Precept, we have already paid for the windows and now we will have to pay for replacements, and we have only recently repainted the Village Hall.

The clothes recycling bin, was attended by the Fire Service, who had to prise the bin open causing damage, over and above that caused by the fire, this will impact badly on the Charity who rely on your clothes donations to fund their activities across the county. They have lost the clothes you donated and there is a cost to refurbish the clothes bin.

CCTV will now be installed at the Village Hall (another cost to be borne by us all) so as to discourage any repetition.

Please report all suspicious activity to the Police on 101 or via the Crime Stoppers Website.