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Welcome to the New Website of Stanion  Parish Council.

Please let us know how we can help you!!!!!

Our website serves all the residents of Stanion Parish

Our aims are:

    • To be available to help the residents of the village

    • To make it  easier to be contacted in order for a Councillor to be of help

    • To have Parish Council documents and information  distributed and available for everyone to access quickly and easily.

    • To publish information relating to the local community and increase awareness of what is happening in the Village and across the Parish

    • To lawfully help you in whatever ways we can.

      Thank you to all the Councillors on what has been achieved in such a short time and for all your hard work:
      1.monies for school safety signage- COMPLETE
      2. Defibrillator/donation- WITHIN 2 WEEKS
      3.Bus shelter/ Grays/ SUPPLIER CHOSEN awaiting feedback from planning
      4. Planning application/possible objections- continuing
      5.Litter picking via wombles-continuing
      6.Parking for site workers on Willow Lane moved to Village Hall for safety reasons occasional electric/water vans having permits for parking due to van equipment etc- continuing
7 Forward planning for village hall ideas with help from ACRE meeting
8.Slowing traffic down throughout the rabbit run roads in village progressing – awaiting walk through village meeting
9.Meeting with lottery fund-done but will always continue as their recent advice has been amazing and very eye opening
                  and much much more thank you so very much xxxx
  •  with help from first response-done!

It has come to the attention of the New SPC that the previous clerk email (whilst it may still be  active, it has no relevance to SPC business since December 2020) and any contact to this email has not been forthcoming/communicated onto the new SPC so any issues that you have had emailed the SPC was not made aware of and have been unable to help you.

Please resend or going forward make sure you email:               

Public Notices & Latest News


Date has been set for Village Hall AGM due to most of committee retiring:

Thursday 24th June awaiting time of meeting


May 2021 UPDATES!!!

  • May Council Meeting  in a downpour was a sight to see in the Car Park but was productive
  • We have a contact in regards to Planning now with North Northants Councillors
  • Slowing traffic throughout the village is on going but has been productive awaiting grant options
  • Quotes in regards to CCTV at the Village Hall
  • Research into extending the Play Area at the back of the Village Hall
  • Meetings to be arranged in pulling the School, Church, Council and Village Hall together.


April 2021 UPDATES!!!!!!

Hello Everyone.

Thanks for all your lovely remarks and comments in regards to all the Councillors hard work .

  • Our Council nominations were uncontested and we will be welcoming a new member at the next meeting, Em Webster

  • Parishioners have asked for important numbers to be put on the SPC website, please let us know what numbers you will be needing and we will gladly add them.

  • Some issues have been raised on social media in regards to the development in Willow Lane, i personally have the owner and managers mobile numbers and can get in contact with them at any time so please do not hesitate to call and the developers will help in whatever way they can, issued raised have been answered correctly. They are a friendly bunch. They have also kept the SPC updated with answers to any queries that have arisen.

  • we are watching closely in regards to any news in regards to the Old Cardigan Arms Site and will keep you informed on any news .


Vacancies & Volunteering

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Crime & Police Matters

Policing and Crime – Criminal Damage and Arson

To see Local Crime Rates, you can click onto the police link on the home Page Latest News on crime !!!! Late night drinking and gathering at the football field and the trashing of the field is under police surveillance, (police stated no gatherings on the field this weekend    12.03.2021) Dumped fuel cans have […]