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Welcome to the website of Stanion Parish Council. Our website serves the residents of Stanion Parish and two main aims:

  1. To allow Parish Council documents and information to be distributed and available for everyone to access quickly and easily
  2. To publish information relating to the local community and increase awareness of what is happening in the Village and across the Parish

Public Notices & Latest News

Council FREE Summer Activity Programme

The 3 weeks of summer activities provided for the children of the Village, as well as some children from Corby Old Village and Brigstock, has now ended. It proved to be a great success, much enjoyed by those taking part and providing welcome support to families during the summer holiday period.

We wish to thank ‘Finding Fitness’ the sports coaching company, for their expertise and professionalism and for creating the desire and impetus for the children to participate in some great activities, and of course the children, for participating so enthusiastically.
The huge benefit of this programme to the physical well-being of our families, cannot be overstated, hopefully, we will be able to repeat the programme next year.

Finally, we wish to thank the National Lottery Community Fund for its financial support, without which it would not have been possible to provide the programme.

Litter Picking, Car Parking & Buses

The volunteers who give of their own time continue with the daily activity of litter picking in the village and the wider Parish area. There is a definite improvement in the general appearance, but this would quickly deteriorate if it were not for the commitment of this group. So please support them by not littering, and if you do see something, pick it up and place it in a bin.

In September we will be running a further litter clearance programme, to revisit some of the areas where litter may have gathered but is currently out of sight due to summer foliage – but it will reappear. The dates will be announced soon.

We will also be receiving visits from the ‘Community Payback Team’ who will be working in the village to clear the verges along Corby Road and Reservoir Close and the area around the village hall, including the car park. They will be supervised at all times whilst they undertake the work.

Car parking is an ongoing concern. People parking on the pavements and partially restricting or blocking fully access for pedestrians, which is particularly difficult for those with mobility difficulties, or using prams and accompanied by children. Please be considerate and think about the consequences. We would also remind people not to park on the grass verges, on at least one occasion this has resulted in the contractor being unable to complete the grass cutting, which is unacceptable, given that we have to pay for the service from the Precept.

There has been some consternation regarding the continued provision of the bus services that run through Stanion. The Council has been in contact with Northampton County Council (NCC) regarding this for some considerable time. The current investigations by NCC will result in a decision on the way forward, sometime in September. Once we receive a formal response and decision from NCC on the outcome of their deliberations, we will inform parishioners. Please do not listen to rumours, which are likely to be inaccurate.

Planning Application Refusal

Please note that the planning application to build 5 Houses on the land at the northern end of Little Lane, which was re-submitted last year, has been refused.

We have though, been informed that having failed with the initial application and the appeal, the applicant is seeking to have the decision reviewed by appealing directly to the Secretary of State’s Office.

We will keep you informed of any further developments.

Vacancies & Volunteering

Councillor Vacancies

The Council welcomes new Councillors and Volunteers, so if you are interested in helping, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, who will assist you in understanding the range of opportunities and how you might find a way in which you are able to contribute. The contact details for the Clerk are email:

Crime & Police Matters

Policing and Crime

We are fortunate that we enjoy a very low crime rate in the Parish, though we should never be complacent. You will find a link on the home page to the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s website, which contains a range of useful, relevant and up to date information. Please report every incident of… Continue Reading Policing and Crime